Restorative and Replacements

These are procedures that restore the function and aesthetics of either one tooth or many teeth. Our goal is to return your oral health to optimum function, aesthetics, and length of service.

These are some of the procedures that we use:


At our office, we believe in placing the most conservative, most natural looking, and strongest fillings that dentistry has to offer. We only offer tooth colored filling for these reasons.


Crowns (or caps) are used to restore teeth which are cracked, broken, damaged with decay, worn, or misshapen. A crown is cemented (or bonded) onto the portion of the tooth that is above the gum. It surrounds the tooth thus strengthening the tooth to withstand biting forces. The crown is utilized over the filling when there is insufficient tooth structure to hold a filling. The larger the filling, the more quickly the filling or the tooth breaks down.


Dental implants are an excellent option to replace missing teeth. An implant is a metal replacement for the root portion of a tooth. They can be used to support single crowns, bridges, or dentures. In our office, we collaborate with local specialists to have the implants placed, then we construct the restoration to replace your missing tooth or teeth.


When your teeth have reached the point where we are unable to restore them, dentures may be your best option. Dentures can give back a semblance of beauty and health that may have been missing for a long time. We take the time to ensure the best-fit and most natural look that can be achieved with the latest technology. If you are contemplating dentures, we would like to discuss your options and the pros and cons of this decision.


A bridge is used to replace missing teeth with a non-removable appliance. It is like crowns which have been fused together with a false crown replacing the missing tooth. Bridges look great and literally bridge the gap between the teeth. The success of the bridge depends on the supporting teeth and how they are kept clean. Since they are fused together, you can no longer floss as usual. We will show you how to use floss threaders to keep your bridge in top shape

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